Monday, October 27, 2014

Scientific publications now available on-line

Most of P.-A. Gauthier et al. publications are now available on-line (full-text) on Scribd:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wave Field Synthesis applied to industrial sound environments

Recently we have been working on sound field reproduction applied to industrial sound environments. Here are some picture with the 85-microphone circular array, two spherical arrays (Pierre Lecomte) and with our WFS systems with 96 loudspeakers and two subwoofers.

"Underground" :: Sound installation at FIMAV 2014

Besides "Studio", Tanya St-Pierre and I presented "Underground" at the FIMAV 2014, a sound installation with burried loudspeakers and 12 tuned underground pipes combining musical resonance and acoustical spatialization. Curator: Erick D'Orion. Suported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Thanks the the FIMAV team! Pictures by Tanya St-Pierre and Olivier Courtois.
We also have plane for extended and permanent versions of "Underground", here are some examples that have been proposed to the City of Toronto in a short-listed review (review completed, we did not get the project). Full description below.

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Studio" :: Sound installation at FIMAV 2014

Real-time acoustic listening to the soundscape ... "Studio", a sound installation presented at the FIMAV 2014. Thanks to all! Érick d'Orion, Tanya St-Pierre, Eric Desmarais, Fred, Gaétan, Vincent, Victor, Marie and all the others that I may have forgot! Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Pictures by: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier and Tanya St-Pierre.

"Studio" - A sound installation by Philippe-Aubert Gauthier from Philippe-Aubert Gauthier on Vimeo.