Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Concert presentation of "Fréquences urbaines : Évian (France)" :: ElectroVisiones 2009 - Multichannel concerts‏

Info on the festival Electrovisiones: http://www.electrovisiones.com/



Concierto 1

Andre Bartetzki (Alemania) "Sprachspiel". 8ch, 12:55mins.

Clara Maïda (Francia) "Ipso facto". 7ch, 9:34mins.

David Berezan (Canada) "Badlands". 5.1ch, 10:40mins.

Marc Behrens (Alemania) "Sleppet (2-3): Avalanches, Water and Stones". 4ch, 9:34 mins.

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (Canadá) “Fréquences urbaines : Évian (France)”. 5.1ch, 6:21mins

Tilman Kuentzel (Alemania) "Auscultare". 8ch, 7:38mins.

Mark Hannesson (Canada) "Hidden intensions" 4ch, 12mins.

Ryan Smith (USA) "No Marble" 6(minimo)-12ch (ideal) (pedirle mezcla final), 10:26mins.

Concierto 2

***Volkmar Klien (Austria) "Relative Realities". 8ch, instalación.

Barry Schrader (USA) "Lost Atlantis". 4ch, 22mins.

Part I - Introduction: The Pillars of Hercules - The Great Harbor

Part III - The Temple of Poseidon - The Dance of the Gods

Part VI - The Destruction of Atlantis - Epilogue: "…and Atlantis shall rise…"

Daniel Mayer (Alemania) "Lokale Orbits / Solo 3". Flauta y 8ch, 18mins.

Flauta: Alejandro Escuer

Ruth Elizabeth Aguirre (Mex) "Inter0010me1010dia0011" 8ch (2 integrantes), 12mins

Matt Dotson (USA) "Left Unsaid". 8ch, 5mins.

Pablo Gav (Mex) / Max Hattler (Alemania) "Triaudiovisuales" 8ch (2 integrantes), 20mins.

***Volkmar Klien (Austria) "Relative Realities". 8ch, instalación.


Duración aproximada de cada concierto: 2hrs

Sede/place: www.fonotecanacional.gob.mx

Other pieces put forward for other events within EV09 14-24 May 2009 in Mexico City:
Please contact Alvaro Muñoz for possible performance.

Sonia Paço-Rocchia (Canadá) "Pedalling under London's clouds"

Ivan Elezovic (Serbia) ”Mediterranean-Riots-Colors” / “Dedicated to Giacinto Scelsi”
Israel Martínez (Mex) "El Cículo Invisible". Danza y 8ch, 30mins
Other pieces put forward for other events of EV09 throughout the year
(which will take place in different cities, NOT in Mexico City. For example, Oaxaca)
Please contact Alvaro Muñoz for possible future performances.
Mesias Maiguashca (Ecuador) "Tiefen"

Nathan Edwards (USA) "Opening/Unknowing"

Alexander Schubert (Alemania) "Nachtschatten"