Saturday, June 12, 2010

Live presentation June 26th :: Tape improvisation :: Pied Bo Dancing presentation

I will be playing live at Art Focus in Sherbrooke City on June 26th. More informations: Pied Bo Dancing on MySpace

Sound piece in: 360 60X60 Sanguine Mix, 60X60 International Mix

This year, the 60X60 project by Rob Voisey is bigger than ever with a 6-hour version that already goes around the USA and the Canada.

This year, I have a short piece in the Sanguine Mix and in the International Mix ...

360 degrees of 60x60 (Sanguine Mix)
Paul Adriaenssens, Anthony Arlotta, Rebecca Ashe, Greg Bartholomew, Dennis
Bathory-Kitsz, Jay Batzner, Cameron Bobro, Jason Bolte, benjamin Boone, Ian
Corbett, Andrew Davis, Daniel Dominguez Teruel, David Drexler, Enrico
Francioni, Kenneth Froelich, Iris Garrelfs, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Monroe
Golden, Daniel Griffing, David Hahn, Jack Harris, Andy Hasenpflug, Luke
Jennings, Lynn Job, Jiri Kaderabek, Bevin Kelley, Kevin Kissinger, Juraj
Kojs, HyeKyung Lee, Stephen Lias, Patrick Liddell, John Link, Tom Lopez,
Craig Marks, Gene Marlow, John Maycraft, Mike McFerron, Scott McGregor -
Moore, David McIntire, Tricia Minty, Steve Moshier, Alon Nechushtan, Julia
Norton, Doug Opel, Maggi Payne, Michael Pounds, Margaret Schedel, Les Scott,
Alan Shockley, Mary Simoni, Steven Snowden, Michael Spicer, Laurie Spiegel,
Stephen Stanfield, Madjid Tahriri, Eldad Tsabary, Doug Van Nort, Giovanni
Varrica, Rob Voisey, and Jon Weinel

Place where the 360 60X60 already played: New York, Montréal, Texas and elsewhere.

More information here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Auditory Tactics :: A paper will be published in Leonardo 2010

Our paper on Auditory Tactics will be published by Leonardo - Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Auditory tactics was the installation that we, Philippe Pasquier and I, worked on in 2007 for the Pure-Data Convention at Vidéographe. Thanks to Vidéographe and Sherbrooke City for the suport.

Two papers at the Audio Engineering Society :: Spatial Sound Conference :: Tokyo

We will present two papers at the Tokyo AES Conference on spatial sound. Stay tuned for more spatial sound!

P.-A. Gauthier sound performance :: MUTEK 2010 :: Ectoplasmes3

Recently, I got the chance to play/improv with Debashis Sinha and Stéphane Claude in the Ectoplasmes3 serie of MUTEK (curator: Éric Mattson) at the Montréal's Monument National.

It was a great occasion to test my most recent tape deck setup. Great experience. Stay tuned, more to come.

More information ...

MUTEK 2010

Thanks to MUTEK!