Monday, September 21, 2015

Several performances available on line!

Several sound performances by Tanya St-Pierre and Philippe-Aubert Gauthier are available ... Noizefer CWU - Pantonalité (appendix), Espace Im Média, Sherbrooke, Canada, 2011

Noïzefer CWU performance, CASJB, Sherbrooke, 2011. from Philippe-Aubert Gauthier on Vimeo.

Small-scale remake of the piece created for the Erick D'Orion party in 2015, live in Sherbrooke, Canada, 2015.

/// Tanya St-Pierre et Philippe-Aubert Gauthier /// Performance sonore: One Way to Orion from Sporobole on Vimeo.

p(n,r) = n!/(n-r)! a new sound installation by T. St-Pierre and P.-A. Gauthier

“The number of permutations for n=6 possible choices, selected r=2 at a time.” Through this miniature sound installation, Gauthier and St-Pierre revisit the idea and culture of the individual listening station. In fact, they expose listeners to approximately 10 Gigabytes of compositions and improvised sounds, totalling 20 hours of material improvised in tandem via different, more or less mastered, electronic and digital devices. At CLARK, audience members can listen individually or in groups by combining audio tracks played on six separate earphones. In this project, the act of listening, the aesthetics of listening through the accumulation of sound particles, and combinatorics are substitutes for the act of composition. Presented at Centre Clark, Montréal, September 3, October 11, 2015. Excerpts available on sound cloud:L

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Teaching :: Proposals, workshops, etc.

Over the years, I have developed several workshops, seminars, training and talks on different topics for artists. These are now all available for booking. All of them can range from two hours to several days or even semester-long university classes. They include theoretical and practical works. Here is a list of topics, please contact me if interested. They are all offered in French and/or English.
- 3D modeling with Blender: Images and animation
- 3D printing: 3D modeling with Blender
- Digital audio creation
- An introduction to the Raspberry Pi
- Spatial hearing and spatial audio with applied Wave Field Synthesis
- Modular synthesis (currently developed with Stéphane Claude at Oboro, Montréal).
- History of sound arts and experimental music

Future topics I am thinking of are:
- Audio for games with WWise
- Sound arts
- Arts, Sciences and Technologies in the studio