Saturday, October 21, 2006

Noïzefer CWU: performance for the "Rencontre internationale de performance de Québec" passage in Sherbrooke

On September 24th, T. St-Pierre and P.-A. Gauthier performed at the Horace Art Galery (Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada) as Noïzefer CWU. The performance was "Au sujet de la naissance des affects bruyants". Here are some pictures and description.

Here are some general views of the event ...

The two dark objects are loudspeakers which were projecting the sound track: a progressive accumulation of 25000 sine waves towards pure noise. I was trying to read a text while Tanya was playing a little black piano. Two subwoofers were also adding low frequency drones to the other noise sound tracks.

The visual display, including the costumes, was a creation of T. St-Pierre and the sound track was a composition of P.-A. Gauthier.

The third picture shows some members of the audience, where you can see some of our friends and other performers, you can see Daniel Acosta (Argentina) on the left and Sébastien Pesot (Québec) on the left but in the back.

As you can see on the last picture, one of the central visual element was a red mixture, under a red light, in a plastic bag over a metal pipe. The metal pipe was used as a wave guide connected to one of the subwoofers so that the bag was strongly vibrating: then making noise and giving the mixture a "boiling" look. Few drops of the mixture were constantly emerging from the mix.