Friday, May 25, 2007

Pure-Data Convention 2007 :: Montréal :: "Auditory Tactics"


The PureData Convention '07 will bring together artists, developers and theoreticians who develop, use and reflect on PureData. It will acknowledge the broad range of artistic disciplines that make use of the software and will address questions of openness and accessibility. It will provide a theoretical context for the understanding of media art practices that engage in the aesthetics and politics of Free Open Source Software Culture.

The artists and researchers Philippe Pasquier and Philippe-Aubert Gauthier were invited in 2006 for a residency at Vidéographe to work on the creation of a sound installation for the PD Convention. The residency will start on June 21th until the show opening on August 21th, Concordia University.

"Auditory tactics" (preliminary title) will expose a public space to acoustic beams using compact loudspeaker arrays. PD will be used to control the system, steer the beams and create an interactive spatial sound composition with the public, the space and the system. Using voice sounds, this project is dedicated to the place of the voice, the mediated voice, on public spaces, private and public aural spheres.

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Here is the installation (Concordia University, Québec, Canada) ...