Monday, December 10, 2007

"Au-delà des apparences" on DEGEM web radio

The top 5 works as selected by the jury for this year's Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) project and all works from the CD Cache 2006 are on the DEGEM WebRadio programme through mid-January 2008.

Cache 2006 is the CD component of the CEC's larger annual JTTP project, and features the top 10 works as selected by the jury for the 2006 edition of JTTP. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik (DEGEM) is Germany's national association for electroacoustics.

The programme can be heard online at We're on "Programm A", Studioforum.

CACHE 2006
Jean-Michel Dumas -- Gris (étude narrative #2) (2005)
Philippe-Aubert Gauthier -- Au-delà des apparences (2005)
Priscille Gendron -- Camille (2005-2006) ** JTTP 1st place
Myriam Hamer-Lavoie -- Et pluie souffle... (2005) ** JTTP 5th place
Adis Husejnagic -- Transfigured (2006)
Yota Kobayashi -- Reminiscence (2006) ** JTTP 3rd place
Stefan Kozminchuk -- The mind is the voice (2006) ** JTTP 4th place
Etienne Legast -- Colonies (2005)
Raphaël Néron B. -- Toons (2005) ** JTTP 2nd place
Joshua Zubot -- Land of the Bowl (2006)