Friday, June 14, 2013

Sound performance for "Homemade sound systems" // Suoni per il popolo

On June 10th 2013, Suoni Per Il Popolo organized a special sound performance evening: "Homemade sound systems". For this night, the artists, Stéphane Claude, Hélène Prévost and myself only used custom sound systems that were part of the performance. For this special and exciting night, I used my 16-channel beamformer orginally built in 2007 for an installation. For "Homemade sound system" at Eastern Bloc I used the beamformer to acoustically scan the room and interact with reflecting surface based on delay-and-sum beamforming. Pictures of the setup in the afternoon below.

Here is a link to a video excerpt, unfortunately, we don't get the spatial effect:

Thanks to Peter, Suoni, Eastern Bloc, Stéphane Claude, Hélène Prévost, Josée, Tanya St-Pierre and friends!

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier acknowledges the support of SODEC ("Artistes en arts visuel - Production d'oeuvres d'art").